General Informations


The festival takes place on the site of the EPFL campus, located in the commune of Ecublens. It can be reached through the use of public transport, namely the M1 metro (stop: EPFL), and is located near the A1 motorway (exit EPFL-UNIL).

Admission age

Please be aware that people under the age of 16 may not enter the festival site, unless they are accompanied by a responsible adult according to article 30 of the commune of Ecublens' police rules.

Article 30: It is forbidden for children under the age of 16 to do the following without the presence of a parent or other responsible adult:

  • to smoke or consume alcoholic beverages ;
  • to be out alone at night past 22h00 ;
  • to be present at parties and public events ;
  • to be allowed into public houses alone, except for children over 12, on school days, up to 18h00 at the latest ;
  • to have access to gambling establishments.

Please be aware that there is no nursery, and that sound intensity can reach 100dB(A). Consider using ear protection for young children, such as the earplugs available at the Info stand and at the various bars near the stages.



Payments at the various bars and stands are to be done with cash. A cash-machine will be available on the festival site.


To help setup a festival is extremely valuable and can allow you to earn entrance tickets, depending on your work schedule. If you wish to contribute to the festival and become a staff, check out the Staff page. Balelec is a non-profit association. Therefore, all staff and committee members are volunteers.
More infos here

Concert cancellation

In the event of a concert cancellation, tickets will not be refunded.

Personal audi-visual equipment

Equipment allowing one to take pictures or record videos, with or without sound, are banned from the festival site.

Beverages containing alcohol

Alcoholic beverages cannot be sold to people under the age of 18 (except beer and wine for which the age is 16). Our bartenders can ask for a photo ID.


Whether you want to bring in Snoopy, Furball or Pluto, no domestic pets are allowed on the festival site, regardless if they are your dog or your goldfish. However, for those who require a guide dog, please contact us.

Organising Committee

Balelec Festival is a non-profit association. A new committee is formed each year, at the beginning of the autumn semester. The articles of associationg can be found here.


The closest campsite to the festival is the 'camping de Vidy'.


Swiss and vaudois law prohibit any dealing, consumption and possession of drugs, including hashish. Local police will be present within the festival site, and will take appropriate action against any offenders.


You can obtain all information regarding the event at the info stand.


Swiss legislation and the commune of Ecublens' police legislation are both applicable during Balelec.

Sound limits

Sound intensity can reach 100dB(A). Consider protecting your ears with earplugs which will be available at the info stand, and at various bars near the stages.


T-shirts and CDs of the groups will be sold at a merchandising stand, located near the two outdoor stages.


In the event of bad weather, we recommend you wear appropriate clothing and shoes. Please beware, however, that, depending on the umbrella you might bring, it could be taken away by securtiy at the entrance.


In the event you get a bit hungry, you will find plenty of food stands to choose from, providing food from all 5 continents. They will be found near the entrance to the site, and towards the Main Stage.

Lost & Found

All property lost on the Balelec site during the event and the dismantling period after will be kept at the EPFL reception from Monday afternoon onwards.

Dangerous Items

All objects deemed dangerous by the security personnel will be confiscated at the site entrance. This includes all sharp objects (blades, scissors, etc.) and any item which can potentially be used as a projectile. All paint cans and markers will be confiscated. Glass bottles are not allowed on the festival site. Furthermore, it is forbidden to bring your own drinks onto the festival site.


Friday, 12th of May 2017, at 19h. Closing time: 4h.

Disabled people

Disabled people are welcome to Balelec. Parking is available, and will have a designated entrance close to that parking area. It is possible to come by public transport, but is not recommended.

The festival grounds contain solid paths, but some areas are still difficult to reach with a wheelchair. We would recommend those concerned to come with an accompanying person.

Toilets for the disabled are also available on site.

The accompanying person can get free entrance to the festival, but the disabled person must buy a pre-sale ticket (no tickets will be sold the evening of the festival). Both people enter with that same ticket.

Site maps

Site maps will be distributed as flyers at the festival entrance, and at the Info stand.


To make it easier for you to have access to the festival and anything relating to Balelec, a press page has been created. Sound intensity can reach 100dB(A). Consider protecting your ears with earplugs which will be available at the info stand, and at various bars near the stages.

Rules & Regulations - Security

Upon purchasing a ticket, you agree to follow the rules and regulations of the place of purchase, and of Balelec.

Any person found to breach these rules or the general sales terms can be refused entrance to the site, or be removed from the site, without being reimbursed.

The festival's rules and regulations can be found here.


All site exits are final. You will not be allowed to re-enter.


To host a bar at Balelec, you should sign up as soon as possible (ideally around October-November) by contacting us via email. Priority will be given to EPFL and UniL associations.


Balelec Festival encourages its attendees to to use public transport. With the entrance ticket, a free return from the festival is available. To avoid long queuing at the entrance, you are encouraged to arrive before 21h00.


There are no cloakrooms at Balelec.

Festival Balélec
EPFL-STI-SE – Station 11
CH-1015 Lausanne

Tel.: +41 (0)21 693 46 44
(Booking calls not accepted)