Upon purchasing a ticket, you agree to follow the rules and regulations of the place of purchase, and of Balelec.

Any person found to breach these rules or the general sales terms can be refused entrance to the site, or be removed from the site, without being reimbursed.

A ticket cannot be replaced or reimbursed, even if it is lost or stolen. No copies will be provided.

In the event the festival is cancelled, due to absolute necessity or unforseeable circumstances (accidents), only the ticket cost will be reimbursed. If the event is postponed, partial compensation is foreseeable, according to the conditions established by the event organiser. In any case (group cancellation or postponement), no reimbursement will be possible. If the event has to be put on hold, or if the organisers have to change the line-up or the schedule, the festival ticket will not be reimbursed or exchanged.

It is strictly forbidden to take photos, film, or record performances.

For security reasons, spectators are subject to a safety inspection at the site entrance, both of the person and of his bags. Access to the site will be denied to any person refusing to follow this security measure.

It is strictly forbidden to bring the following on site: weapons, explosive, flammable, or volatile substances, bottles, recipients, sharp and/or dangerous objects, any object which can potentially be used as a projectile, could be dangerous, pyrotechnic items or signs and banners of any size for political, social, religious, or advertising purposes. All offenders accept responsibility and can be prosecuted. Balelec has the right to confiscate any other item which may be considered as dangerous, according to the security team.

To ensure public safety, the site is equipped with security cameras, whereby images can be used for legal prosecution. Spectators are warned that in the event of legal necessity, or TV-broadcasting of the event, they may feature in those images. They attend the event of their own accord and responsibility.

All exit from the site is final.

As sound intensity can reach 100dB, spectators can obtain ear protection at the information stand.