1 Committee, 5 Poles

The committee is divided into six poles working hand in hand to insure the best execution of the event.

The administration oversees and coordinates the different poles. The animation pole books musical and other entertainments available at the festival. The logistics is in charge of infrastructure and other technical aspects which insure a safe and well-organized event. The promotion pole manages the image and visibility of the festival in the media and social media platforms. Internal resources overview the cohesion and smooth running of the work done. The continuous improvement team is in charge of sustainable development and that our work is in line with ecological guidelines.

Administrative Committee

President Vincent Tournier
Head of Artistic Affairs - Booking Andréa Montant
Head of Artistic Affairs - Marketing Neil Chennoufi
Head of Logistics Nicolò Ferrari
Head of Operations Fabio Zuliani
Head of Finances Benjamin Louis

Artistic Affairs Department

Main Stage Rafael Pires
Performers Gaetane Van der Bruggen
RedOx Club Lucille Walder
Azimuts Stage Jérémy Mayoraz
Satellite Stage Nathan Girard
Squatt Stage Alexis Firome
Community Manager Gabriel Le Guay
Content Creator Ainhoa Vilanova
Decoration Lina Al Gandouzi
Hugo Bordereaux
Graphic Designer Timofey Kreslo
Nicolas Stanislas
Multimedia Anna Vandermersch
Webmaster Baptiste Knoll

Logistics Department

Catering Florian Beuret
IT Services Sami Abuzakuk
Sylvain Kuchen
Adrien Remillieux
Lighting Bastien Golomer
Electricity James Germanier
Hospitality Manager Mariane Brodier
Internal ressources Cassandre Souef
Supply Amélie Perez
Site Louis Le Guillouzic
Enzo Roy
Technical director Robin Gremion
Food & beverages Julien Dibiaggio
Martin Moureau
Constructions Laura Iacobucci
Satellite Camille Bernelin
Melina Chrysanthou

Operations Department

Accreditations Claire Payoux
Environment & protection Changling Li
Crowd management Jonathan Collaud
Security Arthur Brousse
Léo Meynent
Transport & traffic Dylan Allauca
Rodrigue de Guerre

Finances Department

Sponsoring Saâd Abdeljalil
Lancelot Graulich
Accountant Jin Kilidjian

Transverse positions

Public relations Dagmara Maye
Sustainability Christopher Hémon


Elaborate and develop one of the biggest music festivals in Europe organized by students, in a sustainable, formative and innovative spirit.


Organize the Balélec Festival for EPFL students and young people from the Lausanne region, with a varied musical discovery perspective through several stages centered on various styles; provide volunteer members with professional, human and technical training in the event world, in order to keep the Balélec Festival affordable for students.


The statutes of the Balélec Association are available here.

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