Practical info


Print@home tickets from the black market may prove to be fakes.
On the festival's day, CHF 45.- tickets are still available to buy on internet (via Starticket) and by the entries.

Friday, May 8th, 7pm. Closing at 4am. Performances end at 3am. To avoid a long waiting time at the entries, it is advised to come before 9pm.

Terms according to the cancellation insurance policy. See on

In case of bad weather, get appropriated clothing and shoes. Please pay attention to the fact that umbrellas may be confiscated during security check.

Camping is possible at Vidy's camping. It the nearest camping.

In case of concert(s) cancellation, tickets will not be refunded.

Warning, people under 16 ans are not allowed to enter the site of the event unless accompanied by a responsible person within the meaning of article 30 of the police regulation of the municipality of Ecublens.
Art. 30. Children under 16, unaccompanied by a parent or a responsible adult, are prohibited from :

  • smoking or consuming alcoholic beverages.
  • going out alone in the evening after 22:00.
  • attending public parties and parties.
  • entering public establishments alone, except for children aged 12 or over, the days of actual schooling, until 18:00 at the latest.
  • gambling.

Be aware, however, that there is no child care and that the sound levels can reach 100 dB (A). Remember to protect the ears of young and old with the hearing protection available at the info booth as well as at the bars near the scenes.

It is forbidden to bring alcoholic drinks and food to the festival. Various drinks stands can be found on the site of the festival, at student prices.

Swiss and Vaud legislation prohibits all trade, consumption and possession of narcotic drugs, including hashish. The police are present in the festival grounds and prosecute the offenders.

People with disabilities are welcome in Balélec. We advise you to park at the Sorge car park. If you come by metro, we recommend you stop at UNIL-Sorge.

For entries, you can go through the accreditation cabin next to the main entrances.

The festival grounds have solid roads but some areas are difficult to access and use in wheelchairs. We advise you to come accompanied.
Several disabled toilets are available on site.
The ticket is free for the accompanying person but not for the disabled person who must buy a ticket. Both people enter with the same ticket.
We strongly advise unaccompanied persons to contact the escort service La Chaise rouge.

Whether Kiki, Medor or Mickey, no pet, dog to goldfish, will be accepted on the site of Balélec. For guide dogs, please contact us.

Anything considered dangerous by our security will be confiscated at the entrances. This includes any cutting object (blade, scissors, etc.), as well as any object that can serve as a projectile. Any bottle of paint or marker will be confiscated at the entrance. All bottles are prohibited on the festival's site.

You will find all the necessary information at the info booth and on this website

The festival plan will be distributed as a flyer at the festival entrance and info booth. You can even find it on this web page if you are lost.

Video and/or sound recording equipment is forbidden on the festival site.

There is no cloakroom or deposit at Balélec.

Groups t-shirts and CD's are available at the merchandising stand next to the info booth.

Payments in bars can be made with a credit card (except Postfinance). A cash dispenser is also available on the site.

Any exit is final.

Any object found on the site Balélec during the evening and storage will be kept et will have to be retrieved at EPFL reception as early as Monday afternoon.

People with reduced mobility taking public transport should stop at UNIL - Sorge

The festival takes place on the site of EPFL located in the municipality of Ecublens. It is accessible by public transport via the M1 metro and is located near the A1 motorway (exit EPFL-UNIL).

If you still want to come by car, a signage for the parking Sorge will be present. Warning, parking is charged (maximum CHF 5.- for the night).

Balélec strongly advises you to come by public transport! Balélec will reimburse the bus and metro ticket for the Mobilis 11 and 12 zones (2nd class individual ticket, bought after 18.00 on 08.05.2019).

Take the M1 metro to the EPFL stop. From the stop, follow the signs. For those who come by train, get off at Renens VD and take the M1 metro. Alternatively get off at Lausanne, take the M2 to Lausanne Flon, then take the M1.

To avoid the high influx caused by the event, try to arrive before 21h and take the M1 from Renens!

The M1 metro is free during the night of the festival. In addition, inter-city shuttle buses departing from Balélec and trains departing from Renens are available to festival-goers for their return.

It is possible to ask the driver for additional bus stops on the line you are interested in.

Shuttle Buses

Festival-goers coming from far away will be able to have intercity shuttle buses leaving from Balélec and going to Yverdon-les-bains - Colombier - Neuchâtel (3:15), to Villeneuve - Aigle - Bex - St-Maurice - Martigny (3:15), to Châtel-Saint-Denis - Bulle - Villars-sur-Glâne - Friborg (3:15) and Moudon - Payerne - Friborg (3h15).

Alcoholic beverages

The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited to people under 18 years old (16 years old for wine and beer).


In case of little hunger you will find ten stalls all over the festival site that will offer dishes from the 5 continents


To hold a bar at Balélec, register as soon as possible (preferably between September and October) by contacting us. Priority is given to the associations of EPFL and UNIL.

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The "Prevention Forum" is near the entrances. Teams of professionals are present to raise awareness of different aspects of nightlife. A description of each prevention pole is available below.

The Balélec festival also asserts its social responsibility by adhering to the FestiPlus charter.

If you have any problems during the evening, you can go to our infirmary. This is managed by the EPFL DSPS, professionals specially trained to intervene in events of this magnitude.

Balélec has adhered to the FestiPlus charter (Charter of prevention for events in canton Vaud) and by this is committed to respecting the conditions dictated by the latter to improve the well-being of the festival-goers. The measures resulting from this commitment are for example the sensitization of the bar teams concerning the consumption of alcohol, the respect of the legislation in force or the security of the return of the festival-goers at the end of the evening, by proposing varied offers of transports at an attractive price. For more information, please visit

NightLife Vaud is a project that aims to deploy and coordinate prevention and risk reduction actions in the festive events of the canton Vaud.

The topics addressed in these actions are the high-risk drinking of alcohol and illegal substances, as well as sexual health.

The NightLife Vaud project brings together the following two programs, as well as a professional speaker of Levant CAP.

Be my angel tonight

How to party with friends and drink a few drinks without taking big risks when returning? The answer is simple: find a sober driver who has not consumed alcohol or drugs. This situation is possible if the group talks about it in the early evening and gets organized so that one of them does not drink.

To encourage this practice, the prevention team Be My Angel will be present during the festival and will invite festival-goers to make the right choice. Non-alcoholic beverage vouchers will be issued to drivers committing to stay sober and to accompany their friends safely. A booth will provide information and estimate alcohol levels using a computer simulation system.

Download the free Be My Angel Alcohol Simulation App, on App Store and Google Play.

Georgette in Love

The Georgette in Love are prevention speakers for young people, by young people, from the Profa foundation.

These 20 to 25 year-old students regularly go out to meet young people to prevent HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Through animations, informal discussions, they allow the public to discuss sexual and risk-related topics, to find necessary information as well as prevention materials. They seek to have a positive discourse around sexuality and wish to provide the necessary information so that everyone can live their sexuality, make their own choices and better manage risk taking.

More info :

The Croix-Bleue romande is an association that helps people who are addicted to alcohol and those around them. RaidBlue is its prevention sector. This group is developing projects to raise the awareness of 14-25 year olds about the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption.

In 2012 they started a pilot project "The alcohol-free cocktail bar"! Supported by the BCV Foundation in 2013, they offer this bar in various events in French-speaking Switzerland.

During the festival, RaidBlue and its team will offer you sweet and colorful drinks for a break during your evening!

More info :

Hearing protections are distributed at the festival entrances, bars and the information booth, as well as near the scenes so that the public can safely enjoy the concerts. Indeed, in some areas the decibels can reach 100dB (A). Prolonged exposure to this loudness can cause damage to the eardrums. It is therefore strongly recommended to use hearing protection.

Strict controls of the sound levels are carried out by our officials in order to respect the legislation in force and the authorizations granted by the SEVEN for the event.

An auditory rest area is also set up for festival-goers.

Usagers EPFL

The Balélec Festival, which will take place on May 8, may cause a number of disturbances. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience. Further information will be provided as soon as possible.

Traffic will be changed as early as Friday, May 1 in the morning.
For everyone's safety, we recommend that you pay close attention to signage all week long and follow the instructions provided by the Balélec staff.

Starting Monday, May 4, traffic on chemin des Machines, Noyerettes Road and Piccard Avenue will only be permitted for deliveries and yellow seat holders.

Starting Wednesday, May 6, traffic on Piccard Avenue will be completely blocked at the bridge between the CM and CE. The MBC bus stop "Piccard" will be replaced by the stop "EPFL", on the Sorge road.

On Friday, May 8, we advise you to come IN PUBLIC TRANSPORT, because the traffic will be strongly disturbed and many car parks will be closed.

From noon, no more vehicles will be able to park in the Rivier car park, the Mercier car park and on Perronet avenue.

From 5 pm, the RLC car park will be closed.

From 18h, the Sorge road will be closed and vehicle access to the eastern part of the EPFL will only be authorized to holders of EPFL parking permits upon presentation of their CAMIPRO card.

Bicycle parking under the Rolex and those on Piccard Avenue will be closed from Tuesday, May 5 to Sunday, May 10. A replacement bicycle parking will be provided north of the CM/CE bridge.

The event "Festival Balélec" will take place on Friday, May 8th on the EPFL campus.

In order to better organize this event, some disturbances in traffic, parking and accessibility of the premises that are inside the event are to be expected as well as sound tests will be held on Friday, May 8th in the afternoon.

The agents in charge of controlling the car parks will be more forgiving during this period. However, any vehicle that is poorly parked and presents a danger to traffic or that prevents emergency vehicles from gaining access to our buildings will be reported or even removed. We kindly ask you to respect the new road signs set up for this occasion.

The car parks will be closed, according to the program above.

For security reasons, part of the campus will be out of reach for all EPFL staff on Friday, May 8th.

The following buildings are affected by this restriction:

  • Some doors of buildings BS, CE, CM, MA and PH will be inaccessible from 16:00.
  • The ROLEX LEARNING CENTER building will close at 17:00.
  • CH and PO will be inaccessible from 17:00.
  • BI, BS, CE, PA and PB will be inaccessible from 17:30.
  • CM, CO, GC, GR, MY, ME, MED and ODY will be inaccessible from 18:30.

All premises will be accessible again from 6am on Saturday, May 9th.

From Saturday, May 9 at 6am, the campus will gradually return to normal, until any trace of our passage has eventually vanished!

If you have any questions about the impact of Balélec on traffic on the EPFL campus do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The Balélec festival is concerned about its impact on the environment, which is why the committee has implemented for many years many actions promoting sustainable development: the stands use reusable dishes and cups, portable ashtrays are distributed free of charge to festival-goers, and much more.

On the transport side, the festival reimburses the ticket for the M1 to go, and the return is free from midnight. In addition the M1 runs all night and shuttle buses to different cities in French-speaking Switzerland are proposed.

In addition, in order to better control its impact on the environment, the festival has set up an environmental management system that received ISO 14001 certification in 2007 until 2014. The Balélec festival was the first Swiss festival to have ever received this certification.

In 2014, the event's environmental impact management was integrated into an ISO 20121 certified management system, focused on the three areas of sustainable development: social, economic and environmental. Efforts for the environment continue but extend to an integrated and comprehensive responsible approach. You will find more information about our exemplary and innovative approach on our Sustainable Development page.

In 2006 reusable cups were introduced on the site and have had a great success. They are made of solid plastic and can be washed and reused in other events.

The advantages of this solution are significant:

  • The impact on the environment is much lower than with disposable cups.
  • The amount of waste is reduced.
  • The cleanliness of the site of the event is greatly improved.

A deposit of 2.- will be required upon first purchase of beverage. This deposit is recoverable once the finished glass, by returning it to any bar present at the Festival Balélec.

An additional booth dedicated to the return of cups and dishes will be opened to offer another option to recover the deposit. It is on the way out.


Booths will be instructed not to recover a damaged cup (cigarette burn, split cup, etc.), the deposit will not be refunded if the glass is broken or split.

We thank you for respecting our efforts in the past years and we hope you will be happy with this system reducing the environmental impact and making the event more welcoming.

Since 2012, you will find only reusable dishes at the food stands present on the site. This dish has the same advantages as reusable cups and the impact on the environment is once again reduced compared to the compostable tableware used until 2011.

The deposit will be 3.- for plate and 1.- for cutlery. The return of the dishes and the recovery of the deposit will be exclusively at the return stand "Goblets and dishes" to the exit.


The deposit will not be refunded if the dishes are broken or cracked.

We thank you for respecting our efforts in the past years and we hope you will be happy with this system reducing the environmental impact and making the event more welcoming.

Rules of procedure & Security

Acquiring a ticket implies adhering to the rules of the site mentioned on the ticket and on the website

Anyone who does not comply with the rules or the GTC may be refused entry to the site or be expelled without being able to claim the refund of his ticket.

Here are the rules of procedure:

Rules of procedure

The acquisition of this ticket implies adherence to the rules of the site mentioned here and on the website

Anyone who does not comply with the internal rules or the GTC may be refused entry to the site or be expelled without being able to claim the refund of his ticket.

This ticket can not be returned or exchanged, even in case of loss or theft. No duplicate will be issued.

In case of cancellation of the event following a case of force majeure or a fortuitous event (accident), only the price of the ticket will be refunded. In case of postponement, the eventual refund of this ticket will be subject to the conditions of the organizer of the event. In any case (cancellation or postponement), no expenses of any nature whatsoever will be compensated. If the show is to be interrupted, if the organizer has to modify programs, distribution or schedules, this ticket will not be subject to any exchange or refund.

It is forbidden to photograph, film or record.

For security reasons, the viewer is forced to undergo, at the entrance to the site, a safety palpation and/or a visual inspection of his luggage and/or a search of his luggage. Access may be refused to anyone refusing to comply with this security measure.

For security reasons, it is strictly prohibited to introduce into the site: Weapons, explosive, flammable or volatile substances, bottles, containers, sharp or blunt objects and, in general, any object likely to serve as a projectile, any dangerous object and any pyrotechnic article, signs and banners of any size, of a political, ideological, religious or advertising nature. Every offender is liable to prosecution. Balélec reserves the right to prohibit any other object that will be considered dangerous by its security team.

To ensure the safety of the public, the site can be equipped with a video surveillance system and whose images are likely to be used in case of criminal prosecution. The spectators are warned that in case of video capture or television broadcast of the event their image could be included. The holder attends the event under his own responsibility.

Any exit is final.

With a sound level of up to 100dB, viewers will find hearing protection at the information booth.


The Swiss legislation and the police regulations of the municipality of Ecublens (VD) are applicable during Balélec.

Sound limitations

The sound level can reach 100dB (A). Remember to protect your ears with hearing protection available at the info booth as well as at the bars near the scenes.

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