Aslo is a Swiss artist from Geneva who is carving out his own niche in the hip-hop scene by introducing his unique sound signatures.

After releasing "Noctambule," his first EP in 2021, he presents "Premier souffle," a melody that is both sensitive and mature, drawing energy from pop and French chanson. Aslo sets aside any form of modesty by expressing every feeling he can articulate without any filter. His music serves as a lesson in vulnerability, inviting listeners to become aware of and feel without judgment. With "L’amour & le temps," his new EP consisting of 7 tracks, he takes a turn in his music by laying down his introspective lyrics over a melody that this time has a strong pop-rock character. However, he remains equipped with a pen undeniably influenced by the culture that cradles his generation; that of hip-hop.

With "L’amour et le temps," Aslo is taking big strides away from rap but nevertheless builds a bridge between the two main pillars of modern music. He continues his transition towards a unique musical style that reflects who he is.