The Balelec Festival in a few figures

42 years of festival

15,000 festival-goers in one evening

5 stages and 20+ concerts and shows

The Festival Balélec

is the biggest open-air

student festival in Europe

On May 3rd, the EPFL campus will be transformed into a gigantic music festival!

Electro, rock, rap, reggae, hip-hop, spread over 3 live stages and 2 DJ stages; more than fifteen artists and nearly 15,000 people together... all in just one evening! Balélec is not only EPFL's biggest event, but also the biggest one-night student festival in Europe!

An event like this can't be organised on its own... It's run by an association of around fifty students who meet throughout the year for meetings, each more intense than the last. Just as important are the 450 volunteers who join the adventure in the week leading up to the festival, helping to transform the campus! This gives Balélec an even more intense atmosphere behind the scenes.

Balélec is all about passionate people and a not-to-be-missed event!

Sustainable development

Festival Balélec is committed not only to the environment, but also to social and economic issues. Our aim is to be a responsible, rational and forward-thinking festival that takes a long-term view of all these different parameters. For several years now, we've been committed to rationalising our waste management, limiting noise pollution, recycling cups and crockery, providing pocket ashtrays and reimbursing public transport costs, all the while promoting dialogue with our partners and coordination with the various entities present on the campus. In this way, Balélec is showing that festivities can also be responsible!

Goals for 2024

Noise Control:

  • Continuous monitoring of decibels (dB(A)) throughout the event to prevent sound exceedance.

Quality Hygiene:

  • Maintaining a high level of hygiene on site.

Water Access:

  • Availability of five water distribution points on site.

Good Neighborhood Relations:

  • Each local newspaper in Crissier and Chavannes publishes an announcement of the event.
  • No complaints regarding illegal parking around the festival site.
  • A dedicated contact person for neighborhood representatives.

Continuous Improvement:

  • Sending five satisfaction surveys to volunteers, partners, association members, beverage stand managers, and festival-goers after the event.
  • Processing and responding to 100% of complaints within 5 days.
  • Collaboration with EPFL on a research project aimed at improving the festival.


  • All staff members sign a charter and are informed about the risks associated with their tasks.

Transportation: 95% of festival-goers choose soft mobility.

  • Eco-Friendly Advertising: Use of 100% recycled paper for posters and flyers.

Musical Diversity:

  • A dedicated local stage, with 100% of the groups originating from Switzerland.
  • Balélec offers various stages, each representing a unique and varied musical universe.


The partners who enable us to offer you

a better edition every year