Cœur celebrates paradox and creativity.

Underground and mainstream, her voice carnal and playful, she brings to life a poetic music that refuses to choose between violence and gentleness, strength and fragility.

As the self-proclaimed godmother of the "Minouche Mafia", she mixes people and styles and defends diversity in all areas. Aligning her values with her lifestyle is one of her principles.

Because "What counts is what you do".

A global artist, radical in her quest for freedom and movement, Coeur provokes as much as she charms.

A showgirl on stage, Cœur delivers an intense, funny and sexy set.

With her contagious energy, she has opened for Lorenzo, Poupie, Vald, Chilla and Charlotte Adigery.

Cœur supported her debut album on stage accompanied by her friends and drag-queen dancers all over France from 2018 to 2022.

A hardcore diva and entertainer, Cœur now presents her new live show and album: "SHOW", putting performance and direct contact with her audience at the heart of her mission as an artist.