Grande Scène

He arrived an unknown; he will leave unforgettable. Today, Niska is in the minds of millions thanks to a rap that leaves no one indifferent. Not just in France: in a few years, the rapper from Essonne has established himself as one of the most dazzling standard-bearers of Francophone music beyond the hexagonal borders. And it's anything but chance, as Niska's impertinence is as disconcerting as it is fascinating: each of his hits is an adrenaline rush that you can't do without. An invitation to dance, an emancipatory anthem that frees the body and encourages letting go. The perfect mix of African sounds that inspire today's pop and the vivacity of French rap. "I am the symbol of what rap has become: a music without complexes, that touches everyone."

Niska is the symbol of a diverse and proud France, leader of a culture that has succeeded in gaining widespread acceptance, his latest project gives us a new opportunity to celebrate him as such.

Grande Scène