Grande Scène

In an era where the French rap scene is overflowing with talent, some naturally stand out from the crowd due to their talent and the quality of their artistic proposal. Like a bomb that pushes the boundaries of the genre even further and shakes up everything that has been established to unleash a new wave. In the case of winnterzuko, one could even talk about a tsunami.

Listening to a project by winnterzuko is to embark on an endless adrenaline rush. A go-fast that weaves between hyperpop productions, Eurodance, and even drum'n'bass, powered by a digital nostalgia that grabs you and never lets go. The rapper lays it all out in his lyrics. Without ever omitting anything. About his childhood in a war-torn country, the absence of a father and the love he has for his mother, his life in the projects, and his flawless desire for success.

Grande Scène